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*PLEASE NOTE- ALL Clymer Creations reborn kits are certified

by the manufacturer I use to be Phthalate FREE*

AWARD Winner for Shaylee Fairy - Shawna ClymerBOTH Violet Fairy and Rose Fairy WON in the FANTASY Category :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am thrilled!! 


~Wishing EVERYONE a wonderful 2015~

~May this NEW year bring you all MANY BLESSINGS, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS too~



Coming soon~

PRE-ORDER  options are now available on the kits page. (click the photo below)

Here is my Artist proof, reborn version of Treasure...

AP Treasure reborn by Shawna Clymer

 Treasure will be 11" with FULL arms and legs. A factory body will also be included with your kit purchase :) Watch for Tesa, Kat & Sarah's reborn prototypes of Treasure coming soon & order YOUR little Treasure today!~THANK YOU:)



Prototype #3 by the talented Sarah Daughtery NOW on the photo below to view her auction~

CLICK photo to view her auction


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~SO thrilled to announce that my Shaylee Fairy WON in 2013...Violet Fairy and Rose fairy WON this year!~


Shaylee WON- I'm so thrilled!BOTH Violet Fairy and Rose fairy WON this year in the FANTASY Category :)

 In 2013 I returned from the IDEX show in Orlando Florida...with my first award!

 My Shaylee Fairy won the 2013 Industry's Choice Award of Excellence in the Fantasy Category!

THIS Year, 2014 my Violet Fairy and Rose fairy WON!!

I am both honored and grateful to recieve such a wonderful award. I cannot thank you ALL enough ♥  

As always I appreciate your kindness, emails, order's & support too..most of all I appreciate...


 Shaylee FAIRY reborn kits are now SOLD OUT~

 (My One Of A Kind shown below)


 More photo's in her gallery on the vinyl kits page.. :)





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     Have a great day~ EVERYDAY!

                Shawna Clymer :)

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