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Vinyl Doll Kits

*Proudly offering Reborn kits since 2005 :) Specializing in FAIRY reborn kits*

 *All Clymer Creation Reborn kits are Certified
/>by the manufacturer I use to be Phthalate FREE to meet the USA/UK requirements

*Dealer pricing available-email me for details*

***To view more- LARGE clear photo's for the kits below, simply click on one of the kit photo's to be taken to the gallery of each sculpt/ BLANK reborn kit* *KIT PURCHASE includes; BLANK VINYL parts for you to paint and assemble. No other supplies are included unless noted*

  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions *BEFORE buying~Thank you :) 

 <----Please use the LINKS page at left, to order from dealer's in YOUR area or Country :)
Several different kits IN STOCK* just scroll down the page to view FAIRY & Baby Reborn kits. Remember to add Belly plates to your kit order for added realism!



Please note if you are OUTSIDE of the USA, * I am not responsible for CUSTOMS fee's~ The flat rate International Priority/ Priority Air is no longer providing tracking or insurance if you use this service. Which means NO flat rate padded envelope etc may be used to ship the smaller kits as there is NO tracking.

If you choose this option, I will have to send you an invoice for the balance to ship International Priority EXPRESS.  I'm sorry to make this requirement, however it is a new policy that USPS will not always scan these packages-even though they state that they DO in order to encourage you to use this service..sigh* 

I try to save you shipping fees by using the kit weight to calculate the shipping price, rather than a flat rate to ensure that you have the best shipping rate.

With the smaller kits the Priority air may be offered, please do not choose this option as I can no longer ensure that your kit will arrive.  Again, thank you for your understanding :)






Brand New Laila Fairy ~IN STOCK :)

Laila Fairy LE Reborn kit

Laila Fairy Artist proof by Shawna ClymerLaila FairyLaila Fairy shown finished as an EXAMPLE

Laila Fairy will be offered as a Limited Edition BLANK reborn kit. She is the newest FAIRY kit for my Fantasy Reborn kit line. This petite little Fairy will be about 11 1/4" inches long when complete. Your purchase includes the BLANK vinyl Head, Full arms and full legs, Belly/chest plate-non sexed, and an unstuffed cloth body will also be included.

She is a very LIMITED EDITION of  ONLY 350 Worldwide-

Your Laila Fairy is IN STOCK and ready to ship.

The name Laila means *One appointed to guard the soul at birth*

She is a sweet and petite little fairy with endless possibilities. Your Laila  kit is $59.99 plus shipping~ don't delay,

Order your very own Laila Fairy kit today~ 

$59.99 full payment plus shipping



Brand NEW 11" baby *Treasure* Limited Edition Reborn kit

In stock NOW~

Treasure Reborn by Tesa-NO BELLY PLATE

Treasure reborn my Kat MagistriTreasure reborn by Sarah Daugherty

Blank kit photo-Reborn examples available soonTo view more of Treasure click here


Treasure will be a Limited Edition of ONLY 600 World wide~

She is my newest BABY kit at a petite 11" long from her head to her tiny little toes. Her head circumference is 8". Her tiny foot measures 1 1/2" long. This precious little bundle has

full arms and legs giving her many clothing options, just in time for Spring/Summer.  

ORDER EARLY~ once she is sold out the edition will be closed.

Your Treasure kit purchase will include the blank vinyl head, full arms and full legs with a factory cloth body. The price is JUST $49.99 plus shipping :)

As always I appreciate your order & support~ :)




11" Twinkle Fairy..Limited Edition of only 400 Worldwide

IN STOCK~Order below today :)

My OOAK Sculpture- Twinkle FairyTwinkle  Twinkle

*Finished examples above show the OOAK, and Prototype's reborn by Melissa & Tesa-Click the photo of Twinkle & her turtle to view more in her photo gallery*


Twinkle is my newest FAIRY Reborn kit she will make an excellent addition to your sleeping Whisper fairy, (be sure to add Whisper to your order before she's all gone)

Twinkle is a petite and happy little fairy at 11 1/4" when complete as shown, using the body from Elli at SpearsonDollBodies (body not included. Your little Twinkle includes the BLANK vinyl head, 3/4 arms and full legs.

She will need 12mm eyes,(not included) I have used oval glass eyes for my reborn artist proof. 

There are several photo's in the gallery, just click on the photo of above.

You may order your Twinkle to ensure that you do not miss out on this little pixie, there are ONLY 400 in her edition

 In stock and ready to ship

Twinkle Fairy is just $64.99 plus shipping





 Petite Mishell, the newest Mermaid baby Reborn kit for the 2014 Fantasy Collection~IN STOCK 2014

Mishell 15" Mermaid baby Reborn kit

Mermaid baby MishellMshell Mermaid baby by shawna Clymer LE Reborn kit

Mishell is a petite little Mermaid at JUST 15" from her head to the tip of her tail*. She has the sweetest little smirk as she sleeps and dreams magical dreams :)

  LIMITED EDITION worldwide to ONLY 650 kits-Your kit purchase includes the BLANK kit= vinyl head, full arms, full vinyl tail and a FREE factory body. No other supplies are included. . Click on the photo's above to view the BLANK kit photo's within her gallery :)

Mishell is only $74.99 plus shipping~Order today to avoid missing out on this precious little beauty of the sea. 

$74.99 plus shipping 




Pearl~a Mermaid Baby..  

 Reborn Artist proof shown below as an EXAMPLE only~

Pearl is NOW available & IN STOCK~. She is a LIMITED EDITION, only 750 World wide!

..order today below......

Mermaid baby PearlLE MERMAID bay Reborn kit PEARL by Shawna Clymer


 * *Mermaid baby Pearl is VERY limited with ONLY 750 kits Worldwide!

At 21" from the top of her head to the tip of her tail~ Your kit purchase includes the BLANK vinyl HEAD, 3/4 arms, and her full vinyl Mermaid TAIL, PLUS a FREE FACTORY torso body as shown. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. CLICK THE PHOTO above to view the GALLERY~


$89.99 plus shipping



Order your *Violet BABY below TODAY :) LE 200 Worldiwde



 Violet BABY kitVIOLET baby kit


Violet BABY is the *human or NON FAIRY Twin to Violet-this is why she is called Violet BABY :) You've requested a BABY kit with special interest in Violet as a NON FAIRY baby kit. HERE SHE IS!

She will be a Limitied Edition-of ONLY 200 kits world wide!

Your kit purchase will include the BLANK vinyl Head-eyes NOT INCLUDED- she will can use 20mm or 22mm eyes, 3/4 vinyl arms a FULL legs will also be included. This will make your Violet BABY kit 20" from her head to her toes-depending on YOUR body style and maker.. your kit is in stock and ready to ship. 

(IN STOCK*) To view more photo's click on the last photo above :)

$79.99 plus shipping




In Stock~ A petite little fairy at just 11" long, please welcome..

*Whisper Fairy*now SOLD OUT-there are more kits below*

Whisper Fairy LE Reborn kit by Shawna Clymer Whisper  Whisper

Whisper Fairy is  SOLD OUT~

 sweet and petite at just 11" when complete (depending on your body style and maker-body NOT included) She has 3/4 arms and full legs. VERY limited edition of JUST 300 Worldwide:) .

SOLD OUT~Thank you!   


Violet Fairy- in STOCK

Violet is now IN STOCK she is an awake fairy AND my ...

AWARD WINNER for the Dolls Award of Excellence, Industries choice for 2014~THANK YOU!!

Remember to add her to your Clymer Creations Fairy collection~


Violet FAIRY Reborn kit by Shawna Clymer

Violet Fairy by Shawna Clymer Violet Fairy by Shawna Clymer Violet Fairy by Shawna Clymer

Violet is 20" long with a head circumference of 13 1/4" inches, 3/4 arms and slightly bent full legs. I have used 20mm eyes for my Reborn Violet artist proof shown above. You may view MORE photo's of Violet in her Gallery by clicking on her picture above. Your Violet Fairy kit includes the BLANK vinyl head, arms and legs ONLY. No other supplies, are included. Don't miss out on this bright eyed beauty, she is a Limited Edition of only 400 Worldwide! I am keeping her edition LOW because she MAY be released as a Limited Edition NON fairy reborn kit in June! Watch for updates on this exciting new kit line!


Full payment is $79.99 plus shipping~





My first little Fairy reborn kit~ROSE at a petite 9-10" she is my smallest Fairy reborn kit to date~

Rose is NOW SOLD OUT!~Thank you

There are MORE FAIRY kits below :).More kits available below :)

 NEW Rose Fairy MINI reborn kit-actual vinyl shown reborn by Shawna Clymer




 Clara Fairy-IN STOCK & ready to ship ~

Clara is my newest Fairy reborn kit! With a very limited edition of no more than 300 Clara is sure to sell out fast! Order your Clara Fairy today :)

Clara has 3/4 arms and full legs., suitable length for this precious fairy chubb is 20"-21" depending on your body style preference. Clara has a head circumference of 14". More photo's are in her gallery, just CLICK on the photo's below. I will update her pages with the Prototype's as they're finished. My Clara OOAK sculpture and my Reborn prototype are shown below :)

DON'T MISS OUT on this sleepy little Fairy~

 Clara Fairy OOAK by Shawna ClymerClara PROTOTYPE reborn by Shawna Clymer




~What magical fairy will YOU create? Order your pixie today ~:)
Full payment is $79.99 plus shipping~



 FAIRY reborn kit..Shaylee Fairy~SOLD OUT

My Shaylee Fairy has won the 2013 Industry's Choice Award of Excellence~AND the People's Choice award as well! I'm so honored~THANK YOU to ALL that voted!


2013 ICAE


Shaylee Fairy Prototype #1 by Shawna ClymerShaylee Fairy OOK-before productionShaylee Fairy Prototype #1

Shaylee means~ *Fairy Princess of the Fields*

- Limited to JUST 300 ~Worldwide!

this newest Fairy is sure to capture your heart and imagination! At a petite newborn size your Shaylee will be between 18 1/2"-20" depending on your body  & maker.

Your kit includes: a numbered COA, blank vinyl head, 3/4 arms and full legs. *Body and other supplies are not included. Shaylee kits are expected to sell out fast with such a limited edition. Don't miss out on this magical little Fairy Princess-Order TODAY~ just $79.99 plus shipping-SOLD SOLD OUT- thank you-MORE kits BELOW :) 




Limited Edition of ONLY 250 Worldwide! IN STOCK*

To view MORE and larger photo's, just click on the photo for each Kit**


Faith OOAK by Shawna ClymerFaith OOAK by Shawna ClymerFaith OOAK by Shawna Clymer

Newborn size AND my new favorite-Baby Faith is 20-21" Depending on your body maker/style.

3/4 Arms and nearly full legs.

*20mm-22mm Eyes-*not included (My OOAK shown has hand painted eyes by me)

$59.95 plus shipping* 

Add to cart button is for payment. THANK YOU!


*Serenity-Fairy Baby-* *SOLD OUT-Thank you

LE ONLY 250 Worldwide!

*Click the photo's to view MORE in the gallery*

Serenity Fairy by Shawna Clymer

She's AWAKE ~ Little Serenity is newborn size

@ 20" when reborn depending on your body maker/style

3/4 Arms and almost full legs-*18mm-20mm eyes & body-NOT included

Serenity is SOLD OUT


IN STOCK~ON SALE~  Angel LE Reborn kit

~GREAT LOW PRICE~ Order today!-


  Chubby baby Angel- LE REBORN KIT AngelREBORN KIT

Boy or Girl? YOU decide, this sleepy little chubb is sure to steal your heart! Bigger than my previous babies, Angel has a 14" head circumference :)! Sleepy & Angel is*waiting for YOU!* at a healthy 20"-22" long *depending on body style* with 3/4 arms &  legs. FULL of details from her head to her toes!  order today this one is VERY limited at JUST 250 Worldwide! & :) (*BLANK kit-not a finished reborn, body not included)

 $44.99 plus sh.


IN STOCK Cameo LE 250 Reborn kit

~now Available!-



With her precious little smile, this sleeping beauty is sure to steal your heart! With her sleepy little grin as she dreams of YOU! Sweet & petite Cameo is*OH so Sweet!* at a precious 19"-20" long with 3/4 arms &  legs. FULL of details from her head to her toes!  order today ~ & :) (*BLANK kit-not a finished reborn, body not included)

 $59.99 plus sh.



*Brandon* 0-3 mo/newborn size reborn kit-

*LAST OF STOCK* L.E. -ONLY 300 Worldwide
*Brandon*Sleepy~Happy baby BOY!

-3/4 arms & legs~ 21-22" healthy newborn size

*Blank kit~NOT a finished doll~body not included

$49.99 plus shipping-


Order yours TODAY only a FEW are left in this edition~ ~


*Jewel MINI reborn kit SOLD OY|T Thank you~More kits below!-


*Jewel-SOLD OUT~Thank you~More kits below*

*Blank kit~NOT a finished doll~3/4 arms & almost full

legs~ FREE body included Jewel is 6 1/2"-7"inches TINY! 





*Melissa kits "LAST OF STOCK SALE"


*Melissa-CLEARANCE Priced~VERY limited edition of 250 Worldwide!-

*Blank kit~NOT~ a finished doll-*

Healthy newborn size *not a fairy baby:)*3/4 Arms & Legs
20 1/2-21 " inches depending on body style
when reborn

Kit includes head & limbs
*body not included*
WAS-$79.99 plus shipping*NOW ONLY $39.99 + shipping*while supplies last*

Full payment $39.99





 More kits below- be sure to add a belly plate here..



Belly Plate-
Soft vinyl Belly plate for 16-20" babies
Add this to your reborn for extra realism
To see more photo's, just click on the small
picture below reborn by Kristen of OrangeBlossom babie's


*Soft vinyl chubby belly plate** Special low price WOW*
Lots of DETAILS!*
$14.95 ea.
plus shipping *Larger quantities please email me for discount*


Discounts on shipping- email for large orders~






Limited Edition of JUST 500 Worldwide!
To see more pictures of Felicia, just click on the small
picture below :-)

Preemie Felicia now offered in a Limited Edition Vinyl Reborn Kit

*Blank kit*NOT* a finished doll-ready for you to reborn*

3/4 Arms & Legs
16 1/2"-18" inches depending on body style
when reborn
Kit includes head & limbs

$39.99 plus shipping





                        All previous SOLD OUT kits can be found in the OOAK Gallery 

 *I accept Paypal- (NO E-CHECKS), credit card payments must be from a confirmed address 
I also accept U.S. POSTAL money orders. ALL SALES are final* ALL pre-order's are an OPTION YOU choose, which means deposit's are non refundable. Hopefully this will save time and paperwork for everyone :) Please feel free to ask any & all questions before making your purchase, NO RETURNS accepted ALL RIGHTS to photo's & web site layout & terms belong to Clymer Creations/ Shawna Clymer 2001-2015*

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