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OOAK Sculpts


~Available OOAK Sculpts~
(one of a kind)

NO MOLDS are ever used when creating my babies and other creations.

Each sculpture begins with a wire & aluminum foil base that I make

I then add bits of clay to build every tiny wrinkle and feature you see, making them truly...

 One Of A Kind

To see previous works, OOAK  baby,  fairy babies & more, be sure to visit the

OOAK Gallery link at left....Enjoy!


~My OOAK-One of a kind- sculptures are availble here from time to time~

If you're interested in adopting a Clymer Creation, feel free to email me :)


Baby *C* or Chloe is now ADOPTED

She is a PETITE 4 1/4" inches long Email me to be added to the waiting list~

OOAK Baby C Now AVAILABLE email me for details


Precious baby *A* or Annie for now, you may choose her forever name. The quarter is shown for size comparison she is TINY at just 3 1/2" inches long, full arms & legs attached to a soft sweet! ADOPTED~



It's a BOY! Baby *B* Adopted

OOAK Baby B Now AVAILABLE email me for details


Previous tiny babies...~

coming soon.. coming soon.. coming soon..

~Mini OOAK clay sculpture-ADOPTED~

OOAK by Shawna Clymer

OOAK by Shawna ClymerOOAK by Shawna Clymer


New OOAK Fae   

Just sharing an earlier blue eyed Fairy baby above~Adopted


Watch for more available babies,  fairies & MORE..

Be sure to join my newsletter for the latest Clymer Creations :)


I accept Paypal (NO e-checks) & credit cards- must be from a confirmed
address, as well as U.S. funds Postal money order ONLY.
Due to the one of a kind nature of each creation they cannot be duplicated.

Feel free to ask ANY & all questions, request more pictures etc. as ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no returns accepted.

Blessings & Fairy Wishes,

Shawna :)

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